Blizzard Jonas 2016

Here, close to Harrisburg PA, they expected blizzard Jonas to pass us, or maybe hit us slightly. At work people who are originally from here kept telling me not to worry and that they didn’t think we would get hit, or maybe we would get about an inch of snow. Boy, were they wrong.

It kind of started Friday afternoon at 3PM. I was skypeing with my mom and sister and told them that it was slightly snowing. Later when I was still talking to my sister I looked outside and saw that it started laying pretty good already. Luckily when I worked earlier that day I decided to just get some extra groceries for just in case we would get hit, cause after all; you never know how the wind will blow.
Saturday morning, I would have worked today but they canceled the food truck which never happens. I woke up and I could already tell it was still kind of dark and eerie outside. When I opened my curtains and blinds it definitely shocked me; there was so much snow!

I love snow, I get all excited about it, especially if we don’t have to go anywhere. We got up and got breakfast and I told Devin we should take Delilah out and play in the snow. I didn’t buy her a snow suit cause I honestly think they are a waste of money for those couple of days of real snow for a toddler, she isn’t playing outside for hours at a time every single day you know? Anyways, we got dressed, I dressed Delilah in 2 long sleeve shirts and a fleece, leggings and jeans over top and then her winter coat and gloves and hat + 2 pairs of socks. She was nice and toasty and that’s all that matters. And out to play we went!

Devin struggled opening the door of our apartment building, the snow was blocking it. As soon as we stepped out I realized it wasn’t as cold as I was expecting it to be. It was still snowing and the snow came up to my thighs. I put Delilah down on a little pathway someone already shoveled out, and she absolutely loved the snow. Especially looking at all the snowflakes still coming down from the sky.

Devin started throwing some snowballs at us and we walked around in the snow for a little bit and took adorable pictures. {will post at the end of this post}
And then, Delilah didn’t like it anymore. She started crying a little and nothing was funny anymore, so time to head back in. By this time it was also obvious that Devin wasn’t going to make it into work either. Back inside we just had a nice family day in, had some good food and just relaxed.

Sunday I was supposed to go to work too, but the car was still snowed in pretty good and the parking lot wasn’t cleared yet, there was no way I was going to get the car out, so I called work and they weren’t even surprised, in fact they told me I was off Monday too cause they had to cancel another truck. Yay for adult snow days off! Boo for my next pay check..
I love the snow, and the winter wonder land, but it’s also a pain in the butt when you want to do stuff, or go somewhere. All in all, blizzard Jonas has been fun for us, I loved seeing Delilah’s face when she saw all the snow, and I loved our little family outing even though it was a short one. I also love spending time with my little family when it’s so unexpected and we have literally nothing to do or anywhere to go and it’s just the three of us.

How was the weather where you are? Did you see anything about this blizzard?
Thank you again for reading! I hope you enjoy my blog ūüôā

xxx Anouschka


Why moving to America has been the best thing I’ve ever done.

Besides the obvious reasons why my big move has been the best thing in my life, like my husband and my daughter, and really wanting to get away from a lot of things I was dealing with in the Netherlands, there is one other very big reason why America is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

No I don’t have “the American Dream”, my reason is simple: I have found me.
I maybe shouldn’t say that I have found myself, but I’m very busy with finding myself.
My whole life before moving here I was kind of lost, and trying so desperately to fit in to certain things.

I’ve literally tried it all; the posh club at school, the popular club, gothic, punk, alternative, hardcore, rock, metal, the bullied club, the Dutch scene, Dutch hardcore, being “normal”, being alone, being focussed on work, friends, party’s, drugs & alcohol.
With all of this also came different attitudes; being rude, obnoxious, aggressive, rebellious, nice to my closest people, terrible to people I didn’t know, arrogant, happy, nonchalant, naive, but mostly sad.

I tried so hard to fit in, I dressed the right way, I talked the right way, I did what they did and it still was never good enough. I was always the one who ended up back where I started, with basically nothing. And this also happened when I decided to move here.

Within no time my friends stopped messaging, except for Denise <3, and I lost contact with the Netherlands. If you would have told me 2 years ago that my family would mean so much to me as they do today I may have not believed you. They are the only ones {and Denise} who have been there 100% and we still skype weekly. Especially my sister and I have become closer than ever, which is strange since we are 3000 miles apart.

At first this came as a big hit in my face, I felt like I had lost everyone. With being pregnant and having a baby shortly after my hormones were going through the roof and I was mostly sad that I felt so alone. How did I end up like this? I used to be pretty popular and I used to go out all the time and see people and do things, and now I was sitting in the same apartment every day with a newborn and no friends to share my life with.

But very quickly after this period of basically grieving the loss of “friendship” and life with a new born, I decided that this could also be a good thing. I tried to find things that I liked doing without thinking about what other people would think. I started being creative again, with a scrapbook, planner, drawing and this blog. I decided to go and get a job to meet new people and get more social contacts with grown ups in stead of “goo goo ga ga” talk with baby’s.
I joined a facebook page called Hike It Baby and went on a few trips with them just to get back into socializing. I picked up gaming with my husband again, and we found things that we like to do as a couple. We went to baby class at Gymboree for my contact with other moms and of course to see Delilah have lots of fun!

I am so happy and proud to say that I am really finding myself. I dress the way I like, I only buy it if I like it and I don’t care what style it is. I lost my potty mouth¬†vocabulary and I try to be a decent human being. {Yes, I do still say the occasional bad word when I get upset..}

This all is only possible because here people¬†accept and¬†respect who you are as a person. No body cares if you wear 10 layers of makeup, or if you don’t. No body will care if you wear something “strange”.
People can say a lot of things about Americans, but I was so pleasantly surprised about how accepting they are, and how much respect they have.

I have not once been called a name here. Not once in 2 years time has someone shouted “Filthy gothic” for looking a bit different, or “nasty whore” for wearing heels and a little cleavage. I have not been laughed at at the swimming pool for being fat, or having stretch marks, and I never get comments about my tattoos, piecings or my half shaven head, except for funny ones or interesting questions.

In the beginning of me moving here I kept asking my husband if I looked okay, and nowadays I will go outside without makeup, the hair I have left in a messy bun, and in my comfy clothes. {Okay I must admit that I still don’t go out in my PJ’s but who knows when that day will come ;)}

I hope you liked reading this, it was a little more personal for me but I just really felt like I needed to get this off my chest. People just assume you stay the same person but I have changed so much over the past years and I think it’s for the better.

Please leave me a comment if you have anything to ask or say, or just to tell me what you thought about this blog post!

xxx Anouschka