About Me

Hi there!

Thank you for visiting, and welcome to my blog!
My name is Anouschka {Uh-nOOSH-kuh}, I am 25 years old and I live in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA.

I’m very happily married with Devin, and we have a beautiful daughter named Delilah.
I moved to Amerika in 2014, I am originally from Breda, the Netherlands, Europe.
A lot of people were curious to see what the differences are between Europe and America, and how a lot of things work when you move country. I try my best to tell you my experiences and everything about daily life in America.

I love talking about my big move and all the new things I get to experience, but I’m sure you can understand that my husband is going slightly crazy about all my endless comparisons and so I decided to start a blog to write everything down and maybe entertain some people who might go through the same things, or just enjoy hearing about them!

I started out my blog in Dutch, my native language, but a lot of my English friends and family showed interest in my blog and were curious as to what all I was writing about, so I decided to start 2016 with the big change to English and I hope that more people get to enjoy my blog now 🙂

I hope you decide to follow my journey and that you like my blog!

Like I said, I am not English, my first language wasn’t English. I try my best to type and tell everything in the best to my abilities and I hope you understand that sometimes it might be a little weird, or there may be some grammatical mistakes, excuse me for this. Thank you for your understanding!



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Devin, Delilah and Me.


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