Vegans Are Assholes.

We all know the type; those annoying hippies that always have to tell everyone and their mothers that they are vegan, the annoying hipsters that keep sharing things on social media about being vegan. Those annoying people that order a burger without the burger and the mayo, or even worse, those extremists that want to take a look in the kitchen of a restaurant to make sure no butter touches their vegan BOCA burger. That family member that always has to bring their own food because they won’t have more than half the things the rest of the family consumes at the annual barbeque party. All of these vegans just love to share their opinions, and most of the time they are very strong and passionate opinions. In the eye of meat-eaters all of these vegans push their beliefs on them, they are extremely annoying and just a bunch of overly sensitive hippies, but most of all, they are obnoxious assholes.

There is no confusion as to what the big differences are between vegans and meat-eaters. Vegans don’t consume or use any animal products. Meat-eaters consume animal products and most of the time also use them in their daily hygiene routine/wardrobe. I wish it was as simple as just that. So why is it that vegans are viewed as such a radical group? I believe that is because vegans are very passionate about making a change, not only for the animals but for the whole world. Meat-eaters often don’t want to hear the facts about the meat- and dairy industry because they don’t want to admit that they are supporting this animal cruelty by buying animal products.

At the same time meat-eaters often don’t really know what goes on in the meat and dairy industries and the image that they have is very far from what really goes on. When I ask my family and friends where they think free range eggs come from they really believe that chickens live a free long life on a happy farm with lots of grass and they lay their eggs completely naturally and all is well. Meanwhile there is a whole other reality that these happy commercials on TV don’t show you. The average lifespan of a chicken is seven to eight years, so why is it that chickens that live on free range farms get to have their “Unhappy Day” after a short two years? I bet you that a lot of people don’t even know this, because they don’t research things like this. I believe they want to close their eyes because it is too painful to see the truth, and maybe a part of the meat-eaters just really don’t care.

In addition to knowing and researching the things that go on in the meat and dairy industries, vegans often also want to share their findings with their friends and family or with their social media audience. In contrast to the belief that they are spreading the word and converting meat-eaters into veganism, they may be rubbing meat-eaters the wrong way more often than they actually help spread the positive vegan message. Meat-eaters don’t want to hear that cows need to have a baby in order to be able to give the milk you drink. To become pregnant, female cows get raped over and over again by a human that inseminates the bull’s seeds. If the cow eventually gets pregnant and delivers a calf the males turn into veal, and the females go down the same path as their mothers with a life full of rape and babies that get taken away from them, and when they can’t produce enough milk they get “put down.” Of course as a meat-eater/dairy consumer you don’t want to hear these things after you just had a delicious bucket of ice cream, but it’s the truth, and the truth is also that there are so many other options that vegans want to make you aware off. For example, almond milk is just as delicious and nutritious as cow’s milk.

Like almond milk, there are many alternatives to meat and dairy these days. There are complete vegetarian/vegan sections in grocery stores and there is an alternative for literally anything you would want to eat or use that is cruelty free. Meat-eaters often believe that vegans are unhealthy, that they lack things like iron or protein, when the contrary has been proven to be true. The vegan diet is the healthiest diet that exists according to the National Public Health Institute, in Helsinki, Finland. Being vegan means being a plant based consumer, which often means you consume way less animal fat and proteins that have been known as the leading cause of diseases like cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, kidney stones and especially cancer. I say ‘often’ because there are also people who go vegan and don’t care for being healthy, they just want to have the yummy vegan junk-food and they still consume a lot of fatty ingredients. Of course, every vegan that has had animal products at one point in their life will agree that the taste was good, and of course sometimes you miss specific things, but it does not even come close to outweighing your own satisfaction compared to the suffering of innocent animals.

Even after all the research and factual proof that veganism is one of the most compassionate and healthiest life styles, people still choose to consume and use animal products. Meat-eaters even go as far as saying that vegans need to back off, and they need to be silenced. In my opinion this is because the truth is too hard to handle, the denial has gone too far. Meat-eaters have become so distanced from the reality that a cow is no different than your dog pet. That cow that is laying on your plate did not want to die. That pork you had last night didn’t want to have a lifetime of suffering before being shot in the head. The milk you are drinking came from a cow that was raped. Whether you want to admit these things or not, they are the reality. According to “Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans. These shocking figures do not even include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so great they are only measured in tonnes” (Animal Equality, n.d.). This number doesn’t even include the animals that are slaughtered for other causes like in shelters, laboratories, slavery, captivity or sports. 3000 animals die every SECOND to the hands of humans. Please let that sink in.

Even though a lot of meat-eaters are getting wrongfully informed and persuaded by the meat and dairy industries and big pharma, I also believe there is a large population of meat-eaters that know better, but they don’t want to admit it. It is perfectly fine for everyone to make their own choices, but I cannot support people who choose the suffering and killing of innocent beings, whether that is animals or humans. Therefore, in my opinion, the sharing and “pushing” veganism on people is totally justified asshole-ism.

I do think vegans are assholes. They are assholes for a good cause. They are assholes because they want to open everyone’s eyes, and they don’t care if you “don’t like seeing stuff like that,” because the animals did not “like” being slaughtered either. They speak up for those who don’t have a voice, and those who are experiencing the biggest holocaust the world has ever seen. So what is more important? Your peaceful sleep at night after you had a day full of consuming animal products without a conscious? Or saving the animals that are suffering and dying for no reason other than egocentric humans?

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