Being a vegan IS hard.

It’s been a while. I know. I’m not the best at keeping up with things. I set the right intentions and then I just plain fuck up. I’m here now though. And I  have no idea if this is gonna be another 1 post and nothing for 6 months kind of thing, or if it is another start of a new series of blog posts. I can’t promise anything.

I’m having a hard time. Not specifically because of something, or because of anyone. Maybe only because of myself.
I have been vegan for a couple of months now. (wow shocker! I bet everybody in the world already knew that since we are so obnoxious and annoying!)  I don’t exactly know when I made the full step towards veganism, but before I was vegetarian since June 2015. I used to be vegetarian before I got pregnant too, but took a decision to eat meat again due to a severe iron shortage and endangering my baby {so stupid looking back, I could have just as well been a vegetarian and be even healthier then and now.}

Being vegan is the best thing I have ever done for my mind, body and soul. I feel amazing eating a plant-based diet of lots of fruits, veggies, rice, pasta, beans, quinoa, lentils, whole grains, etc. There is absolutely nothing that I miss from not using any animal products.
The only thing I miss is respect.

Maybe not only respect, maybe also acceptance. How come when people hear that I am vegan they immediately have to start defending themselves or have to interrogate me in what I eat and if I get enough nutrients? Before I became a vegan I ate like absolute shit and nobody cared about it then, so why now? Now that you see me posting all of these healthy foods, why do you care now?

Mostly what I hate is all the outplayed vegan jokes. “How do you know someone is vegan? Oh don’t worry, they will tell you!” Hell yes I will tell you, I will tell you over and over and over again about how AWESOME it is that I get to save 1000’s of poor animals that don’t want to die to become your meal. It’s an amazing movement that is going on right now, and of course I want to spread the word. If nobody spread the word I wouldn’t be vegan right now. If I can make 1 person go vegan, or even vegetarian, or maybe vegetarian 3 days a week, I don’t care as long as you DO SOMETHING, I will be happy. And for as long as I can forsee now, I will keep doing that.

It is thanks to people like Freelee the banana girl, {Her youtube channel click here} /// = Buy her book on her website right here. = and Gary Yourofsky {His Youtube channel, click here} that I woke the fuck up. They may be rude when you first listen to them, but when you actually start listening, you will hear why they HAVE TO BE rude and “in your face” about this very, extremely serious matter.

Animals don’t have a voice. And it pisses me right off that other people try to silence mine because they “feel guilty”. Well, if you feel so guilty, do something about it. Don’t pretend like I make you feel guilty, you feel guilty because you don’t want that cow to die, then don’t eat the meat! Every day you can save an animals life by not eating  meat. This year alone a bunch of slaughterhouses had to reduce their amounts by bunches because of the amount of people that are waking up and going vegan, so don’t come with the bullshit excuse that “only I can’t help all the killing”. YES YOU CAN.

And you know, the funny part is, I tried to be a silent vegan. I tried not to rub it in anyones faces for a long time. I just mentioned it here and there so people know and don’t offer me animal products and STILL people kept arguing, or kept sending me “Funny” pictures about vegans. I get it, HAHA, these dumb vegans actually give a fuck about animals. What a great thing to make fun off!

I may be going on a rant here, but I do care, and it matters a lot to me. If you keep making fun of me, or of animals by sending me pictures of your bacon, or telling me great stories about your hunting adventures, then you hurt not only my feelings, but you literally KILL animals. Maybe not by your own hands but you participate in the killing by paying for your meat or dairy, or honey or other animal products. And that may sound harsh, and you may feel bad now, or maybe even angry at me, but the truth hurts. Do your research and then come back to me when you are vegan. click here for RESEARCH

It isn’t an opinion, it’s scientifically proven. Stop believing everything you see on TV or in the media. There is no such thing as “humane killing” or happy dead cows. There is no “nice way” of getting milk from a cow, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Open your mind a little, and SEE what is really going on. Visit your nearest slaughterhouse, SEE what happens. It isn’t something vegans try to scare you into, it’s another animals REALITY.

Go vegan and carb the fuck up, by then I may actually shut the fuck up 😉



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