January Favorites.

So this is a little different but I want to start doing this every last week of the month, writing down what my favorite things of this month were.

I know this blog is mostly meant for my life in America, but this is also my life and I want to keep up with more than just the differences between the Netherlands and America. I hope this still interests you, if not than I hope my next post will interest you again!

For now, here are my January 2016 Favorites! {Pictures below}

  • Those Lips!
    I got a new liquid lipstick from Revlon on sale for $4,- at Target, and I absolutely love it! It’s the Revlon Ultra Matte Lip Color in the shade HD Love. I’ve been wearing it this whole month!
  • Snow!!
    Yaay finally it snowed this month! I was so excited about the snow to come, okay it was a blizzard, that was a little unnecessary, but whatever! It’s still snow! REAL snow!
  • My New Shoes!
    I found some really cool nice fitting shoes at Target that were discounted for only $11,- and with my 10% team member discount and the target Red Card that gives another 5% off they were less than $10,-! This girl loves her some bargain shopping 😉
  • That Picture..
    My husband took a really nice picture of me and my daughter, both in our leather jackets with the snow behind us. I really love this picture for some reason. I love how it shows that Delilah can be a mommy’s girl sometimes, haha.
  • Our Car!
    So in the beginning of the month we got some bad news, our car broke down.. It was really inconvenient and it was also very expensive. Luckily with help from our family everything turned out okay and we both still got to go to our jobs. I was just really happy that we now have our car back after being in repairs for 2 weeks. Also, the price was about half of what we thought it was going to be, so that was very nice too!
  • Reading/My Kindle!
    I have been very much enjoying reading again. I’m actually reading my 3rd book for the year already and I think that is pretty impressive for someone who hasn’t read in maybe 8 years. I used to be a book worm when I was younger but somehow I just completely lost that. One of my friends has a blog about books and she actually made me want to pick up reading again. I got a Kindle for Christmas, and it has really helped me read easier and it’s just been fun again. I read every night now, and I get completely lost in the story again.
  • 2 years America.
    January 2nd 2014 was the first time I ever went to America and met my husband in real life. This will always be a special date to us, and it also makes you realize how far you’ve come already and how fast time goes by. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already.
  • Healthy Family
    Luckily after my husband’s surgery, Delilah’s cold and my flu, we are now finally all healthy and full time working again. It’s been a rocky start of the year, but all in all we made it through January without any major fall backs. I can’t wait to see what February holds in store for us!

What were your favorite things in January? I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading,
xxx Anouschka


7 thoughts on “January Favorites.

  1. Super leuk om te lezen! Blog lekker waar jij over wilt bloggen, meid! No worries of iemand het leuk vindt of niet.

    Mijn favoriete momenten/dingen van januari? Om te beginnen dat ik voor het eerst O&N vierde met manlief Ên vriendlief (en natuurlijk Ozzie) en dus zo 2016 in ging. Mooier kon mijn jaar niet beginnen 🙂

    Verder ook dat ik te horen kreeg dat ik een salarisschaal ging stijgen en daar overheen nog een bonus kreeg. Dus financieel ziet 2016 er nu ook al mooi uit.

    En dat je een reactie hebt achter gelaten op mijn/onze blog natuurlijk! Ik weet niet meer hoe ik bij jou terecht kwam op IG, maar ik vind het super leuk dat ik je zo heb ‘leren kennen’! Ondanks dat we een groot leeftijdsverschil hebben, denk ik dat we bijzondere overeenkomsten hebben.

    Dus keep up the blogging!


    1. Ooh dat is super leuk zeg dat je zo oud en nieuw hebt kunnen vieren! (Ik moest echt 10 minuten nadenken over wat O&N betekende hahaha) En heerlijk dat je financieel zo’n meevaller hebt gekregen! Ik kan niet wachten tot wij financieel uit de put zijn, maar dat duurt nog wel eventjes.
      Ik vind het ook super leuk dat we elkaar zo hebben leren kennen, we hebben echt veel gemeen vind ik, en ik zou het ook super vinden om jou en Oz in het echt te ontmoeten als wij naar Nederland komen dit jaar!
      Ik blijf ook lekker bloggen over wat ik leuk vind 🙂 dankjewel dat je mijn blog ook leest! Ik heb nu eindelijk uitgevonden hoe ik op de hoogte blijf van jullie blog dus ik blijf zeker terug komen! 🙂


  2. Misschien had ik er NYE van moeten maken i.p.v. O&N, hahahaha.

    Oh ja! Dat lijkt me leuk als je naar Nederland komt! Hebben Oz en Delilah ook meteen een playdate. Houd me op de hoogte! Waar woont je familie eigenlijk in NL?


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