How I deal with missing people.

Missing someone is one of the worst {if not the worst} feelings in the world.
Unfortunately when you decide to move across the world you have to deal with a lot of this. It is almost the only thing that I really hate about making this decision and it also the only reason why moving back ever crosses my mind. {I would never move back, but ya’ know ya girl gets all them feels and stuff!}

The ways I deal with missing family and friends are very different at different times.
This is why I made a little list for you guys, I hope it helps someone out there who deals with long distance relationships, or just missing someone in general.

  • Don’t be afraid to give in to your emotions. I swear, this sounds so much easier than it really is. At first I cried, but as time goes on it feels like you shouldn’t really cry about it anymore. Sometimes it feels like it’s just been so long now and you just have to live with it. But no, these emotions are allowed to come out at times. For example, Christmas was just very hard for me and even though it’s been 2 years, I still cried and just let it all go for a nice hour. After that it’s back to business and go enjoy yourself.
  • Pictures. I have pictures of my family and friends all over the house. I have them in a special folder in my phone, I have them on the walls of the living room where I can always see them. It really makes me feel like they are closer than they really are, and it’s just a nice feeling to see them all the time.
  • Skype! This may sound obvious but for a lot of people it is not. Skype really makes me feel close to my family. I can talk on Skype with my sister for hours and hours. The other day we had a 6 hour Skype convo just about everything. Afterwards we both agreed that it felt just like we were sitting next to each other on the couch, like in June when she was here. Skype is so important, and I don’t think I could have done all of this without it.
  • Post a lot on Social Media. The same goes for social media as it did for Skype. Having a visual of what you or your family are doing just really brings you closer together and makes you feel involved. I made a group chat on Whatsapp where I dump all pictures I take of my daughter and my mom and sister love it. Especially when there are children involved, they grow so fast and nobody wants to miss out on the little things. Post pictures of basically anything you want or feel that is important or fun to share. Don’t care about the people that may think it is annoying that you post 10 pictures of your baby eating his first solid food, F them, you know why you’re sharing them, and your family and friends will love seeing those little milestones just as much as you do.
  • Realistically plan your next visit. Last year when I said that it was going to take another year for me to come over it felt like such a long, long time, the day never seemed to come and it was kind of depressing, but now that it is 2016 and we are seriously planning our trip it is sooooo exciting to plan everything and KNOW that we are definitely going to make it this year! I am so excited and so is my husband, and it’s just a countdown at this moment, even though it’s still like 5 months away, it’s getting closer and closer each day and it really makes the missing fade more and more since you know when you’re going to see them again.
  • Do things that make you think of them. I just have some things that I do that make me feel closer to my family members or friends and that make me think of them in a good way. And this may sound weird, but I don’t even know right now what they are. Sometimes something just comes up and I think to myself, huh that’s funny that I’m doing this right now because it’s not like me and all, this is more like *insert name here*. This may be a very vague and weird point in this list, but I hope someone understand what I mean by this, haha.
  • Tell someone or them that you miss them. If you don’t tell someone it will only get worse and worse and it will eventually come out anyways, so you should just tell someone that you’re having a hard time cause you miss *insert name*, cry about it cause it just sucks very much, go look at some pictures, tell them you miss them and want to talk to them on Skype to plan your next visit 😉

I really hope someone can use these “tips” that I use when I miss my family. Of course I didn’t include the tub of ice cream that I conquered and the “All by myself” cover that I do with the spoon after said tub is devoured, but hey, to each their own right?

I also wish no one could relate, but unfortunately I know a lot of people do. I just want to let you know that you are not alone, and missing someone is just really the worst thing in the world. It’s okay to feel devastated about it and there is no one who should make you feel bad about it, yes maybe you chose this life, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have it’s major downsides!

I hope you guys liked this post, the first one in English.
As you could probably tell.. I did make the decision to try it in English and I hope you all will still enjoy and keep reading my blog!

Thank you again,

xxx Anouschka


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