Vegans Are Assholes.

We all know the type; those annoying hippies that always have to tell everyone and their mothers that they are vegan, the annoying hipsters that keep sharing things on social media about being vegan. Those annoying people that order a burger without the burger and the mayo, or even worse, those extremists that want to take a look in the kitchen of a restaurant to make sure no butter touches their vegan BOCA burger. That family member that always has to bring their own food because they won’t have more than half the things the rest of the family consumes at the annual barbeque party. All of these vegans just love to share their opinions, and most of the time they are very strong and passionate opinions. In the eye of meat-eaters all of these vegans push their beliefs on them, they are extremely annoying and just a bunch of overly sensitive hippies, but most of all, they are obnoxious assholes.

There is no confusion as to what the big differences are between vegans and meat-eaters. Vegans don’t consume or use any animal products. Meat-eaters consume animal products and most of the time also use them in their daily hygiene routine/wardrobe. I wish it was as simple as just that. So why is it that vegans are viewed as such a radical group? I believe that is because vegans are very passionate about making a change, not only for the animals but for the whole world. Meat-eaters often don’t want to hear the facts about the meat- and dairy industry because they don’t want to admit that they are supporting this animal cruelty by buying animal products.

At the same time meat-eaters often don’t really know what goes on in the meat and dairy industries and the image that they have is very far from what really goes on. When I ask my family and friends where they think free range eggs come from they really believe that chickens live a free long life on a happy farm with lots of grass and they lay their eggs completely naturally and all is well. Meanwhile there is a whole other reality that these happy commercials on TV don’t show you. The average lifespan of a chicken is seven to eight years, so why is it that chickens that live on free range farms get to have their “Unhappy Day” after a short two years? I bet you that a lot of people don’t even know this, because they don’t research things like this. I believe they want to close their eyes because it is too painful to see the truth, and maybe a part of the meat-eaters just really don’t care.

In addition to knowing and researching the things that go on in the meat and dairy industries, vegans often also want to share their findings with their friends and family or with their social media audience. In contrast to the belief that they are spreading the word and converting meat-eaters into veganism, they may be rubbing meat-eaters the wrong way more often than they actually help spread the positive vegan message. Meat-eaters don’t want to hear that cows need to have a baby in order to be able to give the milk you drink. To become pregnant, female cows get raped over and over again by a human that inseminates the bull’s seeds. If the cow eventually gets pregnant and delivers a calf the males turn into veal, and the females go down the same path as their mothers with a life full of rape and babies that get taken away from them, and when they can’t produce enough milk they get “put down.” Of course as a meat-eater/dairy consumer you don’t want to hear these things after you just had a delicious bucket of ice cream, but it’s the truth, and the truth is also that there are so many other options that vegans want to make you aware off. For example, almond milk is just as delicious and nutritious as cow’s milk.

Like almond milk, there are many alternatives to meat and dairy these days. There are complete vegetarian/vegan sections in grocery stores and there is an alternative for literally anything you would want to eat or use that is cruelty free. Meat-eaters often believe that vegans are unhealthy, that they lack things like iron or protein, when the contrary has been proven to be true. The vegan diet is the healthiest diet that exists according to the National Public Health Institute, in Helsinki, Finland. Being vegan means being a plant based consumer, which often means you consume way less animal fat and proteins that have been known as the leading cause of diseases like cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, kidney stones and especially cancer. I say ‘often’ because there are also people who go vegan and don’t care for being healthy, they just want to have the yummy vegan junk-food and they still consume a lot of fatty ingredients. Of course, every vegan that has had animal products at one point in their life will agree that the taste was good, and of course sometimes you miss specific things, but it does not even come close to outweighing your own satisfaction compared to the suffering of innocent animals.

Even after all the research and factual proof that veganism is one of the most compassionate and healthiest life styles, people still choose to consume and use animal products. Meat-eaters even go as far as saying that vegans need to back off, and they need to be silenced. In my opinion this is because the truth is too hard to handle, the denial has gone too far. Meat-eaters have become so distanced from the reality that a cow is no different than your dog pet. That cow that is laying on your plate did not want to die. That pork you had last night didn’t want to have a lifetime of suffering before being shot in the head. The milk you are drinking came from a cow that was raped. Whether you want to admit these things or not, they are the reality. According to “Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans. These shocking figures do not even include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so great they are only measured in tonnes” (Animal Equality, n.d.). This number doesn’t even include the animals that are slaughtered for other causes like in shelters, laboratories, slavery, captivity or sports. 3000 animals die every SECOND to the hands of humans. Please let that sink in.

Even though a lot of meat-eaters are getting wrongfully informed and persuaded by the meat and dairy industries and big pharma, I also believe there is a large population of meat-eaters that know better, but they don’t want to admit it. It is perfectly fine for everyone to make their own choices, but I cannot support people who choose the suffering and killing of innocent beings, whether that is animals or humans. Therefore, in my opinion, the sharing and “pushing” veganism on people is totally justified asshole-ism.

I do think vegans are assholes. They are assholes for a good cause. They are assholes because they want to open everyone’s eyes, and they don’t care if you “don’t like seeing stuff like that,” because the animals did not “like” being slaughtered either. They speak up for those who don’t have a voice, and those who are experiencing the biggest holocaust the world has ever seen. So what is more important? Your peaceful sleep at night after you had a day full of consuming animal products without a conscious? Or saving the animals that are suffering and dying for no reason other than egocentric humans?

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Being a vegan IS hard.

It’s been a while. I know. I’m not the best at keeping up with things. I set the right intentions and then I just plain fuck up. I’m here now though. And I  have no idea if this is gonna be another 1 post and nothing for 6 months kind of thing, or if it is another start of a new series of blog posts. I can’t promise anything.

I’m having a hard time. Not specifically because of something, or because of anyone. Maybe only because of myself.
I have been vegan for a couple of months now. (wow shocker! I bet everybody in the world already knew that since we are so obnoxious and annoying!)  I don’t exactly know when I made the full step towards veganism, but before I was vegetarian since June 2015. I used to be vegetarian before I got pregnant too, but took a decision to eat meat again due to a severe iron shortage and endangering my baby {so stupid looking back, I could have just as well been a vegetarian and be even healthier then and now.}

Being vegan is the best thing I have ever done for my mind, body and soul. I feel amazing eating a plant-based diet of lots of fruits, veggies, rice, pasta, beans, quinoa, lentils, whole grains, etc. There is absolutely nothing that I miss from not using any animal products.
The only thing I miss is respect.

Maybe not only respect, maybe also acceptance. How come when people hear that I am vegan they immediately have to start defending themselves or have to interrogate me in what I eat and if I get enough nutrients? Before I became a vegan I ate like absolute shit and nobody cared about it then, so why now? Now that you see me posting all of these healthy foods, why do you care now?

Mostly what I hate is all the outplayed vegan jokes. “How do you know someone is vegan? Oh don’t worry, they will tell you!” Hell yes I will tell you, I will tell you over and over and over again about how AWESOME it is that I get to save 1000’s of poor animals that don’t want to die to become your meal. It’s an amazing movement that is going on right now, and of course I want to spread the word. If nobody spread the word I wouldn’t be vegan right now. If I can make 1 person go vegan, or even vegetarian, or maybe vegetarian 3 days a week, I don’t care as long as you DO SOMETHING, I will be happy. And for as long as I can forsee now, I will keep doing that.

It is thanks to people like Freelee the banana girl, {Her youtube channel click here} /// = Buy her book on her website right here. = and Gary Yourofsky {His Youtube channel, click here} that I woke the fuck up. They may be rude when you first listen to them, but when you actually start listening, you will hear why they HAVE TO BE rude and “in your face” about this very, extremely serious matter.

Animals don’t have a voice. And it pisses me right off that other people try to silence mine because they “feel guilty”. Well, if you feel so guilty, do something about it. Don’t pretend like I make you feel guilty, you feel guilty because you don’t want that cow to die, then don’t eat the meat! Every day you can save an animals life by not eating  meat. This year alone a bunch of slaughterhouses had to reduce their amounts by bunches because of the amount of people that are waking up and going vegan, so don’t come with the bullshit excuse that “only I can’t help all the killing”. YES YOU CAN.

And you know, the funny part is, I tried to be a silent vegan. I tried not to rub it in anyones faces for a long time. I just mentioned it here and there so people know and don’t offer me animal products and STILL people kept arguing, or kept sending me “Funny” pictures about vegans. I get it, HAHA, these dumb vegans actually give a fuck about animals. What a great thing to make fun off!

I may be going on a rant here, but I do care, and it matters a lot to me. If you keep making fun of me, or of animals by sending me pictures of your bacon, or telling me great stories about your hunting adventures, then you hurt not only my feelings, but you literally KILL animals. Maybe not by your own hands but you participate in the killing by paying for your meat or dairy, or honey or other animal products. And that may sound harsh, and you may feel bad now, or maybe even angry at me, but the truth hurts. Do your research and then come back to me when you are vegan. click here for RESEARCH

It isn’t an opinion, it’s scientifically proven. Stop believing everything you see on TV or in the media. There is no such thing as “humane killing” or happy dead cows. There is no “nice way” of getting milk from a cow, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Open your mind a little, and SEE what is really going on. Visit your nearest slaughterhouse, SEE what happens. It isn’t something vegans try to scare you into, it’s another animals REALITY.

Go vegan and carb the fuck up, by then I may actually shut the fuck up 😉


January Favorites.

So this is a little different but I want to start doing this every last week of the month, writing down what my favorite things of this month were.

I know this blog is mostly meant for my life in America, but this is also my life and I want to keep up with more than just the differences between the Netherlands and America. I hope this still interests you, if not than I hope my next post will interest you again!

For now, here are my January 2016 Favorites! {Pictures below}

  • Those Lips!
    I got a new liquid lipstick from Revlon on sale for $4,- at Target, and I absolutely love it! It’s the Revlon Ultra Matte Lip Color in the shade HD Love. I’ve been wearing it this whole month!
  • Snow!!
    Yaay finally it snowed this month! I was so excited about the snow to come, okay it was a blizzard, that was a little unnecessary, but whatever! It’s still snow! REAL snow!
  • My New Shoes!
    I found some really cool nice fitting shoes at Target that were discounted for only $11,- and with my 10% team member discount and the target Red Card that gives another 5% off they were less than $10,-! This girl loves her some bargain shopping 😉
  • That Picture..
    My husband took a really nice picture of me and my daughter, both in our leather jackets with the snow behind us. I really love this picture for some reason. I love how it shows that Delilah can be a mommy’s girl sometimes, haha.
  • Our Car!
    So in the beginning of the month we got some bad news, our car broke down.. It was really inconvenient and it was also very expensive. Luckily with help from our family everything turned out okay and we both still got to go to our jobs. I was just really happy that we now have our car back after being in repairs for 2 weeks. Also, the price was about half of what we thought it was going to be, so that was very nice too!
  • Reading/My Kindle!
    I have been very much enjoying reading again. I’m actually reading my 3rd book for the year already and I think that is pretty impressive for someone who hasn’t read in maybe 8 years. I used to be a book worm when I was younger but somehow I just completely lost that. One of my friends has a blog about books and she actually made me want to pick up reading again. I got a Kindle for Christmas, and it has really helped me read easier and it’s just been fun again. I read every night now, and I get completely lost in the story again.
  • 2 years America.
    January 2nd 2014 was the first time I ever went to America and met my husband in real life. This will always be a special date to us, and it also makes you realize how far you’ve come already and how fast time goes by. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already.
  • Healthy Family
    Luckily after my husband’s surgery, Delilah’s cold and my flu, we are now finally all healthy and full time working again. It’s been a rocky start of the year, but all in all we made it through January without any major fall backs. I can’t wait to see what February holds in store for us!

What were your favorite things in January? I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading,
xxx Anouschka

Blizzard Jonas 2016

Here, close to Harrisburg PA, they expected blizzard Jonas to pass us, or maybe hit us slightly. At work people who are originally from here kept telling me not to worry and that they didn’t think we would get hit, or maybe we would get about an inch of snow. Boy, were they wrong.

It kind of started Friday afternoon at 3PM. I was skypeing with my mom and sister and told them that it was slightly snowing. Later when I was still talking to my sister I looked outside and saw that it started laying pretty good already. Luckily when I worked earlier that day I decided to just get some extra groceries for just in case we would get hit, cause after all; you never know how the wind will blow.
Saturday morning, I would have worked today but they canceled the food truck which never happens. I woke up and I could already tell it was still kind of dark and eerie outside. When I opened my curtains and blinds it definitely shocked me; there was so much snow!

I love snow, I get all excited about it, especially if we don’t have to go anywhere. We got up and got breakfast and I told Devin we should take Delilah out and play in the snow. I didn’t buy her a snow suit cause I honestly think they are a waste of money for those couple of days of real snow for a toddler, she isn’t playing outside for hours at a time every single day you know? Anyways, we got dressed, I dressed Delilah in 2 long sleeve shirts and a fleece, leggings and jeans over top and then her winter coat and gloves and hat + 2 pairs of socks. She was nice and toasty and that’s all that matters. And out to play we went!

Devin struggled opening the door of our apartment building, the snow was blocking it. As soon as we stepped out I realized it wasn’t as cold as I was expecting it to be. It was still snowing and the snow came up to my thighs. I put Delilah down on a little pathway someone already shoveled out, and she absolutely loved the snow. Especially looking at all the snowflakes still coming down from the sky.

Devin started throwing some snowballs at us and we walked around in the snow for a little bit and took adorable pictures. {will post at the end of this post}
And then, Delilah didn’t like it anymore. She started crying a little and nothing was funny anymore, so time to head back in. By this time it was also obvious that Devin wasn’t going to make it into work either. Back inside we just had a nice family day in, had some good food and just relaxed.

Sunday I was supposed to go to work too, but the car was still snowed in pretty good and the parking lot wasn’t cleared yet, there was no way I was going to get the car out, so I called work and they weren’t even surprised, in fact they told me I was off Monday too cause they had to cancel another truck. Yay for adult snow days off! Boo for my next pay check..
I love the snow, and the winter wonder land, but it’s also a pain in the butt when you want to do stuff, or go somewhere. All in all, blizzard Jonas has been fun for us, I loved seeing Delilah’s face when she saw all the snow, and I loved our little family outing even though it was a short one. I also love spending time with my little family when it’s so unexpected and we have literally nothing to do or anywhere to go and it’s just the three of us.

How was the weather where you are? Did you see anything about this blizzard?
Thank you again for reading! I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂

xxx Anouschka

Why moving to America has been the best thing I’ve ever done.

Besides the obvious reasons why my big move has been the best thing in my life, like my husband and my daughter, and really wanting to get away from a lot of things I was dealing with in the Netherlands, there is one other very big reason why America is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

No I don’t have “the American Dream”, my reason is simple: I have found me.
I maybe shouldn’t say that I have found myself, but I’m very busy with finding myself.
My whole life before moving here I was kind of lost, and trying so desperately to fit in to certain things.

I’ve literally tried it all; the posh club at school, the popular club, gothic, punk, alternative, hardcore, rock, metal, the bullied club, the Dutch scene, Dutch hardcore, being “normal”, being alone, being focussed on work, friends, party’s, drugs & alcohol.
With all of this also came different attitudes; being rude, obnoxious, aggressive, rebellious, nice to my closest people, terrible to people I didn’t know, arrogant, happy, nonchalant, naive, but mostly sad.

I tried so hard to fit in, I dressed the right way, I talked the right way, I did what they did and it still was never good enough. I was always the one who ended up back where I started, with basically nothing. And this also happened when I decided to move here.

Within no time my friends stopped messaging, except for Denise <3, and I lost contact with the Netherlands. If you would have told me 2 years ago that my family would mean so much to me as they do today I may have not believed you. They are the only ones {and Denise} who have been there 100% and we still skype weekly. Especially my sister and I have become closer than ever, which is strange since we are 3000 miles apart.

At first this came as a big hit in my face, I felt like I had lost everyone. With being pregnant and having a baby shortly after my hormones were going through the roof and I was mostly sad that I felt so alone. How did I end up like this? I used to be pretty popular and I used to go out all the time and see people and do things, and now I was sitting in the same apartment every day with a newborn and no friends to share my life with.

But very quickly after this period of basically grieving the loss of “friendship” and life with a new born, I decided that this could also be a good thing. I tried to find things that I liked doing without thinking about what other people would think. I started being creative again, with a scrapbook, planner, drawing and this blog. I decided to go and get a job to meet new people and get more social contacts with grown ups in stead of “goo goo ga ga” talk with baby’s.
I joined a facebook page called Hike It Baby and went on a few trips with them just to get back into socializing. I picked up gaming with my husband again, and we found things that we like to do as a couple. We went to baby class at Gymboree for my contact with other moms and of course to see Delilah have lots of fun!

I am so happy and proud to say that I am really finding myself. I dress the way I like, I only buy it if I like it and I don’t care what style it is. I lost my potty mouth vocabulary and I try to be a decent human being. {Yes, I do still say the occasional bad word when I get upset..}

This all is only possible because here people accept and respect who you are as a person. No body cares if you wear 10 layers of makeup, or if you don’t. No body will care if you wear something “strange”.
People can say a lot of things about Americans, but I was so pleasantly surprised about how accepting they are, and how much respect they have.

I have not once been called a name here. Not once in 2 years time has someone shouted “Filthy gothic” for looking a bit different, or “nasty whore” for wearing heels and a little cleavage. I have not been laughed at at the swimming pool for being fat, or having stretch marks, and I never get comments about my tattoos, piecings or my half shaven head, except for funny ones or interesting questions.

In the beginning of me moving here I kept asking my husband if I looked okay, and nowadays I will go outside without makeup, the hair I have left in a messy bun, and in my comfy clothes. {Okay I must admit that I still don’t go out in my PJ’s but who knows when that day will come ;)}

I hope you liked reading this, it was a little more personal for me but I just really felt like I needed to get this off my chest. People just assume you stay the same person but I have changed so much over the past years and I think it’s for the better.

Please leave me a comment if you have anything to ask or say, or just to tell me what you thought about this blog post!

xxx Anouschka

Bicycle = Fiets

I think a lot of people, who are not from the Netherlands, do not understand nor can they comprehend how much feelings we have towards bicycles. 
I would have never in my life thought I was going to be the one writing about how much I miss having a bicycle and cycling in general. So let me just start at the beginning.

Growing up, one of your biggest achievements as a Dutchy is learning how to ride a bike. It’s a whole ordeal. But before you can actually ride a bike, or you are to little to actually go somewhere with your bike, your mom will have found a child seat, and if you have siblings, that is no problemo!

Dutch mom with 3 kids on bike {Picture:

Literally every Dutch kid will start with a tiny cute bike including side support wheels attached to it, for girls there is pink ones, for boys they are blue or red. Your family will be so excited and it makes you so proud, because you also want to cycle, like everyone does!

Our prime minister on a bike with side wheels, just for lolz. {Picture:}

Once you got the hang of this, they will eventually detach your support and you are on your own. It is scary and it comes paired with a lot of falling and getting back up, but you will get there, and then you can practice riding longer distances.

Eventually when you are about 4/5 years old, you and your mom or/and dad will all cycle to school every morning and back home after school or maybe you have lunch at home and they will pick you up for lunch too. Cycling is so much fun! All the kids cycle to school, and it’s so much fun when you meet other kids from your class along the way. You get cool bells to go on your bike, and little beads to put around your spokes so that they make a nice sound when you cycle. You even get a little basket on your bike so that when you and mom go grocery shopping you can help transport the groceries home.

Little girls bicycle, including the little beads. {Picture:}

Eventually when you are around 9 years old you would be able to cycle to school by yourself with your friends. I always waited on the corner of our block for my friends so that we could all cycle to school together. There are special bike lanes so traffic really is safe, bicycle riders have their own traffic lights and signs, and remember those moms and dads that bring their kids to school? Well they are still out there, they may not be your parents, but other parents will still keep an eye out for the older kids.

In school you also have to get your “Bicycle Exam”. It’s a little test that teaches you all the road signs and basic safety rules for riding your bicycle. We did it in the form of a “fox hunt”  where there would be parents along the road that you were cycling in funny outfits and they would give you stickers or a drink or snack and tell you where you had to go next. It was a lot of fun!

Cycling to school. {Picture:}

When you go to the next school, at the age of around 11/12, you will still cycle to school, but this school is usually a little bit further away and a lot bigger. It’s scary finding a spot for your bike and hoping you remember where you put it sometimes, but it usually all works out. At this point I had a “Grandma bike” {Oma fiets} and I {The filthy gothic that I was} spray painted it bright green and red, with tons of Vans stickers on it. I used to put Cradle of Filth in my walkman, and just cycle the %$^ out of myself. I was at school within 10 minutes though!

Also when I ran a little late, I just deflated my tires and told the janitor that I had flat tires and had to walk.. It worked 2 times, and then they caught onto me.

Grandma bike / Oma fiets. {Picture:}

At this point I also went “shopping” with my friends after school, and we always had to put our bikes into the bike garage when you enter the city center to go further by foot.
As you can imagine, since everyone’s primarily transport is bicycles, there is a lot of bikes getting stolen, and resold by some junkies in the park for 5 Euros.
The bike garage was one of my favorite things, I was so fascinated by it. I have no idea why but I just was.

Later on in life, I took my bike to the city center over my car for a whole other reason: Getting drunk! Drunk cycling is the best, and the worst at the same time. I think the best times about going out to the bars of Breda must have been the times me and my friends rode our bikes home trying to ride them in a straight line and all ending up on the ground or in the bushes. Great times! haha.

Bicycle garage / Fietsenstalling, Utrecht.

Cycling a lot, means also going everywhere when it rains, when it snows, when the wind almost knocks you off your bike. Living in a country where it rains like 90% of the time, it wasn’t always fun. Actually, I hated it so much when I was a teenager. But then again, I hated everything when I was a teenager. 😉 I wish, looking back, that I would have appreciated it more.

When I was 18 I got a scooter for my graduation present, and I gave up on cycling until I was 21, then I bought a new bike to have along side my car. It is difficult to find parking spaces or going anywhere with a car sometimes, so having a bike really came in handy, plus it is so much cheaper.
I’m glad I got to enjoy riding a bike a little more before I moved here. Now it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve ridden a bike, and I miss it so much.
I want to get a bike, with a little child seat so that me and Delilah can go out on bike rides together. I want her to grow up riding bikes, so I am so happy my mom and ‘dad’ bought her a little tricycle for her birthday. I plan on riding her to school on the bike when it’s nice weather and I hope she is going to like it. I hope the roads here also allow it. We don’t live in a crazy town, but some roads are a little scary.

My daughter on her tricycle.

All and all, cycling to me comes paired with so many emotions. I hated it so much, I loved it at the same time, but now, I mostly miss it.

I can’t wait to cycle again, but this time only when the weather allows it!

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it.
I also hope I could shine some light on these crazy Dutch people and their obsessions with bikes.

I would love to hear your opinions or comments about this story, don’t be afraid to comment on this post!

xxx Anouschka



How I deal with missing people.

Missing someone is one of the worst {if not the worst} feelings in the world.
Unfortunately when you decide to move across the world you have to deal with a lot of this. It is almost the only thing that I really hate about making this decision and it also the only reason why moving back ever crosses my mind. {I would never move back, but ya’ know ya girl gets all them feels and stuff!}

The ways I deal with missing family and friends are very different at different times.
This is why I made a little list for you guys, I hope it helps someone out there who deals with long distance relationships, or just missing someone in general.

  • Don’t be afraid to give in to your emotions. I swear, this sounds so much easier than it really is. At first I cried, but as time goes on it feels like you shouldn’t really cry about it anymore. Sometimes it feels like it’s just been so long now and you just have to live with it. But no, these emotions are allowed to come out at times. For example, Christmas was just very hard for me and even though it’s been 2 years, I still cried and just let it all go for a nice hour. After that it’s back to business and go enjoy yourself.
  • Pictures. I have pictures of my family and friends all over the house. I have them in a special folder in my phone, I have them on the walls of the living room where I can always see them. It really makes me feel like they are closer than they really are, and it’s just a nice feeling to see them all the time.
  • Skype! This may sound obvious but for a lot of people it is not. Skype really makes me feel close to my family. I can talk on Skype with my sister for hours and hours. The other day we had a 6 hour Skype convo just about everything. Afterwards we both agreed that it felt just like we were sitting next to each other on the couch, like in June when she was here. Skype is so important, and I don’t think I could have done all of this without it.
  • Post a lot on Social Media. The same goes for social media as it did for Skype. Having a visual of what you or your family are doing just really brings you closer together and makes you feel involved. I made a group chat on Whatsapp where I dump all pictures I take of my daughter and my mom and sister love it. Especially when there are children involved, they grow so fast and nobody wants to miss out on the little things. Post pictures of basically anything you want or feel that is important or fun to share. Don’t care about the people that may think it is annoying that you post 10 pictures of your baby eating his first solid food, F them, you know why you’re sharing them, and your family and friends will love seeing those little milestones just as much as you do.
  • Realistically plan your next visit. Last year when I said that it was going to take another year for me to come over it felt like such a long, long time, the day never seemed to come and it was kind of depressing, but now that it is 2016 and we are seriously planning our trip it is sooooo exciting to plan everything and KNOW that we are definitely going to make it this year! I am so excited and so is my husband, and it’s just a countdown at this moment, even though it’s still like 5 months away, it’s getting closer and closer each day and it really makes the missing fade more and more since you know when you’re going to see them again.
  • Do things that make you think of them. I just have some things that I do that make me feel closer to my family members or friends and that make me think of them in a good way. And this may sound weird, but I don’t even know right now what they are. Sometimes something just comes up and I think to myself, huh that’s funny that I’m doing this right now because it’s not like me and all, this is more like *insert name here*. This may be a very vague and weird point in this list, but I hope someone understand what I mean by this, haha.
  • Tell someone or them that you miss them. If you don’t tell someone it will only get worse and worse and it will eventually come out anyways, so you should just tell someone that you’re having a hard time cause you miss *insert name*, cry about it cause it just sucks very much, go look at some pictures, tell them you miss them and want to talk to them on Skype to plan your next visit 😉

I really hope someone can use these “tips” that I use when I miss my family. Of course I didn’t include the tub of ice cream that I conquered and the “All by myself” cover that I do with the spoon after said tub is devoured, but hey, to each their own right?

I also wish no one could relate, but unfortunately I know a lot of people do. I just want to let you know that you are not alone, and missing someone is just really the worst thing in the world. It’s okay to feel devastated about it and there is no one who should make you feel bad about it, yes maybe you chose this life, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have it’s major downsides!

I hope you guys liked this post, the first one in English.
As you could probably tell.. I did make the decision to try it in English and I hope you all will still enjoy and keep reading my blog!

Thank you again,

xxx Anouschka

Welkom 2016!

Het is misschien een beetje gek dat ik van de week al een nieuwe blog post uit bracht over mijn nieuwe baan en dan nu pas met een “Welkom 2016” post aan kom zetten, maar ik vond het nodig om eerst uit te leggen waarom er zo’n lange tijd tussen mijn 2 laatste blogs zat.

Hierbij wil ik jullie dus allemaal een heel gelukkig nieuw jaar wensen, en ik hoop dat jullie allemaal goed het jaar zijn ingegaan en de eerste week al bijna hebben overleefd!

Ik heb voor 2016 persoonlijk niet veel goede voornemens, maar ik heb er toch een paar die ik wel met jullie wil delen!

1. Ontmoet dit jaar nóg meer mensen!

Ik wil dit jaar echt nog meer mensen ontmoeten en mijn kansen op vriendschappen maken vergroten. Het is echt lastig om vrienden te maken als je boven een bepaalde leeftijd komt. Ik knap snel af op mensen als onze raakvlakken niet hetzelfde zijn omdat ik gewoon geen zin heb om tijd te verspillen aan mensen die het niet waard zijn. Hier heb ik in het verleden wel van geleerd. Ik ben dus echt op zoek naar iemand waar het meteen mee klikt, en die zijn of haar prioriteiten ongeveer op hetzelfde vlak heeft staan.

2. Leg die telefoon nog ietsje meer weg.

Ik ben hier in 2015 al aan begonnen, ik heb instagram verwijderd omdat dit mijn grootste verslaving was op mijn telefoon. Ik was op een gegeven moment als een zombie door instagram aan het scrollen terwijl ik alle posts al gezien had, toen besloot ik, genoeg! Het is tijd om eens echt in het leven te staan in plaats van via een schermpje alles te zien. Het heeft me echt goed gedaan, en na 2 weken miste ik instagram al helemaal niet meer! En blijkbaar mist ook niemand mij op instagram, dus zo belangrijk was ik helemaal niet 😉 haha.

3. Doe meer dingen die je echt leuk vind, en maak er tijd voor!

Ja met een klein monstertje van anderhalf is het soms lastig om tijd te vinden voor je eigen hobbies, maar toch lukt het me wel aardig. Ik wil meer tijd besteden aan mijn knutsel dingen, en ook aan lezen. Ik heb voor mezelf het doel gezet om ten minste 12 boeken te lezen in 2016. Ik heb er al 1 uit!

4. Houd je aan je blog schema!!

Deze wil ik echt, écht na gaan komen! Ik wil ten minste 2 blog posts per week uitbrengen. Ook wil ik wat veranderingen aan gaan brengen aan de blog, om wat meer lezers te creëren. Ik zit ook erg te twijfelen om misschien toch in het Engels te gaan schrijven. Ik vind deze keuze best lastig omdat ik het aan de ene kant erg leuk vind om Nederlands te schrijven, maar aan de andere kant vind ik het ook jammer voor mijn vrienden en familie die geen Nederlands kunnen dat zij mijn blog niet kunnen lezen. Zelfs mijn eigen man kan mijn blog niet lezen!

Wat denken jullie? Zouden jullie mijn blog nog steeds lezen als hij in het Engels was?

Wat zijn jullie goede voornemens voor 2016? En hoe is jullie jaar begonnen?

Bedankt voor het lezen weer!

xxx Anouschka

Mijn eerste baan in Amerika

Oopsie, het is alweer even geleden dat ik iets heb gepost.
Ik ben namelijk heel erg druk geweest met mijn nieuwe baan!

In October besloot ik dat het tijd was om mijn goede voornemens van 2015 eens uit te gaan voeren, dit was om meer eruit te gaan en mensen te ontmoeten. Het is best lastig als je in de 20 bent en een kind hebt, niemand kent en in een vreemd land woont om dan mensen te leren kennen, vooral als je met je gezin ook nog eens 2 uur verder verhuisd dan waar je man al vrienden had. Ik ben eerst mee gaan doen aan “Hike it baby”, dit is een groep die met kinderen gaan hiken. Het was super leuk maar ik wilde eigenlijk toch iets anders dan vrienden die voornamelijk vrienden zijn omdat ze ook een moeder zijn.
Mijn man kreeg ook het slechte nieuws dat hij een dubbele liesbreuk had, en toen besloot ik om een baan te gaan zoeken. Ik stuurde mijn CV op in Oktober naar meerdere bedrijven, en na 2 dagen kreeg ik een telefoontje van Target of ik op gesprek wilde komen!

Ik was super blij maar ook zenuwachtig. Mijn man geeft ook niks weg, hij is heel erg van het ‘ga het zelf maar ondervinden’ en hij zal dus ook niet vertellen hoe een sollicitatie gesprek er hier aan toe gaat.
Dinsdag ochtend was het zo ver, ik was om 9 uur aan de beurt en ik werd meegenomen naar het kantoor. Mijn eerste gesprek ging zo goed dat ik meteen mocht blijven zitten en door ging naar het tweede gesprek wat normaal gesproken op een andere dag zou plaats vinden. Zelfs na het tweede gesprek mocht ik blijven zitten om de 3de ronde te doen, het contract tekenen. Ze waren dus best onder de indruk van mij.

Ik tekende een contract voor “Seasonal”, ze zochten mensen voor de feestdagen en ik moest tekenen dat ik elk weekend vanaf november tot januari, en elke feestdag kon werken. Dit was voor mij geen probleem aangezien Delilah toch niet echt snapt wat de feestdagen inhielden en wij konden het makkelijk op een andere dag vieren.
Ik mocht vrijdag meteen beginnen, om 4 uur ‘s ochtends moest ik aanwezig zijn, AUW! Dat ging pijn doen!

Maar verrassend genoeg viel het super mee! Ik begon elke dag om 4 uur ‘s ochtends tot ongeveer 11 uur, soms half 1, soms half 10. Ik stong op de ‘Softlines’ (Kleding afdeling) en ik vond het super leuk!
Mijn collega’s zijn super aardig en het werk zelf vond ik ook leuk, wij kregen de nieuwe kleding van de vrachtwagen en moesten er dan voor zorgen dat dit in de winkel komt te hangen, de kleding afdeling in Target bestaat uit Accesoires, Womens, Mens, Boys, Girls, alles voor Baby, Shoes en Lingerie. We zijn een team van 3-5 ligt eraan welke dag, en ik vond het echt super leuk. Het was wel heel erg  wennen om zoveel te lopen, elke dag loop ik ongeveer 10 miles (+- 17km) en de eerste weken had ik echt pijn aan mijn voeten en benen.

Het werk zelf is best zwaar, ze verwachten hier wel echt meer van je dan in winkels waar ik heb gewerkt in Nederland.
Ik heb dus tot nu (3 januari 2016) elke week heel veel gewerkt en als ik thuis kwam dan ging ik meteen even slapen om bij te slapen, en zodra ik dan wakker werd moest ik avond eten maken en daarna Delilah naar bed brengen en even relaxen en dan weer slapen om er weer om 2 uur ‘s nachts uit te gaan.

Het was een hele hectische tijd, en heel erg vermoeiend. Devin werd geopereerd en kon niks doen in huis voor een tijdje, dus ook het huiswerk kwam nog steeds op mijn schouders. Het heeft ook wel een tol gekost op onze relatie, ik was erg chagerijnig omdat ik gewoon over vermoeid was, en we hadden bijna geen tijd voor elkaar over omdat ik op zulke vreemde tijden sliep en wakker was.

Maar, het heeft zijn vruchten afgeworpen! Ik mag blijven bij Target!
Ik word zelfs ‘cross trained’ op de guest service, en kassa zodat ik meerdere diensten op andere tijden op kan pakken.
Ook zijn die vroege vrachtwagens afgelopen nu het seizoen voorbij is, en begin ik vanaf morgen om 6 uur in plaats van 4 uur! Dit is natuurlijk veel, veeeeeel beter.

Ik ben om eerlijk te zijn best trots op mezelf dat ik dit heb gedaan, en ook dat ze zo blij zijn met me. Ik heb er hard voor gewerkt maar het is het allemaal waard geweest uiteindelijk.

Nu dat Devin weer gaat werken, gaan we ervoor zorgen dat mijn salaris op een spaar rekening komt zodat we in Mei/Juni lekker op vakantie kunnen komen in Nederland! 😀

Bedankt voor het lezen en ook dat je de hoop niet hebt op gegeven.
Nu dat mijn uren wat beter zijn ga ik er echt voor zorgen dat ik meer ga bloggen voor jullie, en ook voor mezelf want ik vind het echt leuk om terug te lezen ook.

Gelukkig nieuw jaar!

xxx Anouschka